PDF Calendar Generator

The PDF calendar generator is a tool to create a printable calendar in PDF format.


  • Python 2.7 script (download cal-2018-09-04) using Calendar and FPDF
  • configuration via json-style config file
  • one or multiple pages
  • Free to choose paper format, margins
  • Free to choose fonts, colors, font-sizes
  • Uses weekdays and month names in local language
  • different style for weekdays, saturdays, sundays
  • Title and background image
  • Examples
    • multi-page family planner
    • one page wall planner

Installation & use:

  • download python 2.7
  • install FPDF
  • scale background image to 300×300 dpi and place it in local folder
  • run „python cal1.py <json file>“
  • it will generate a PDF file with the same Name


  • Frames around dates, lines
  • public holidays and other special days
  • Title and end pages
  • Improve coding style
  • more examples

Your comments and contribution is welcome.

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